Hello! I just got access to the blog and wanted to start giving everyone a little insight on how we got to do all of these cool projects.  First and foremost...we have always did our best to try and help everyone with whatever we could which has led us to great relationships with industry people and also lead to lifelong friendships.  

Founder Jun Jo, seen here in our first project with Sole Technology.  Jun was actually riding for Etnies in the prior years of his Surf Career so we chose that this Rap High (Tearaway Model) would be suiting for him as his own signature shoe.  Under the tongue label we have Jun's signature alongside the black denim that tears away exposing a design/logo after its daily use.  The mini white perforation was also another classy touch that we decided to add for this 1 of 3 color ways.  We were super stoked that the shoe sold out at our old location at Ward Warehouse and see that people still have some of these pairs on ice.  I wish I kept a pair for myself.  Thanks everyone...Todd S

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