Hope everyone had a great weekend.  As I was scrolling through some of our old media archives, I stumbled up on this feature of this limited edition Methamphibian x DC Shoe Co In4mation Model.  Peter Kim aka Methamphibian has been a great friend since our opening of In4mation.  We actually got to meet Peter while we were still at Mililani's Town Center.  Peter knew that we were one of the original stores that had the Nike SB account and were getting all of these crazy limited edition pairs of shoes.  The Reese Forbes Denim Dunks came in and I got a call from Peter at the shop...Note this was before blogs/social media or anything like that.  I talk with Peter and he says...can I buy your stock of Denim Dunks and offered me 150.00 for each pair.  I WAS LIKE, WHAT!! I told him I can sell one pair and one week later I get a money order for 150.00.  I then mail him the pair of Denim Dunks and this is how we got to become great friends.  At the time Peter was doing crazy customization's for a lot of artists and athletes and we got to become great friends as things started to build. 

We were lucky to be included in this project alongside Dom and Brooklyn Projects.  We had a limited amount of these and again...I wish I saved a pair for myself, but these projects were for the customers and not for ourselves.  Thank you so much Methamphibian! Todd S.

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