DC Shoes welcomes In4mation to their roster of collaborations on their iconic Lynx OG skate shoe. Since 2002, In4mation has been serving up a premier selection of skateboarding and streetwear products to its native Hawaii. First starting as a retail store, and eventually introducing a namesake brand to the roster in 2007, In4mation is in a special league when it comes to what they offer. Positioned right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, between Asia and the U.S.’s West Coast, they have the unique opportunity to bring in the best of the best from limited-edition goods. 

The name In4mation consists of two ideas: The “4” represents the four owners- Keith Kanagasuku, Todd Shimabuku, Ryan Arakaki and Jun Jo. “Information” stems from their mission to provide the customer with a sort of insider’s-scoop on streetwear, bringing in exclusive items that are rare in their neck of the ocean. The In4mation shopper is able to grab hold of pieces from all over the world, familiarizing themselves with names, designs, and culture some never have the luxury of coming in contact with. For the In4mation crew, this comes natural to them. It’s in their make-up to do what they love, and share it with those who have similar interests. Though they may be small as a retailer in the grand scheme of those leading street label sales today, its their sincerity for the culture that keeps In4mation so strong. 

The In4mation team is so heavily influenced by music, skate, and design–much like DC Shoes–that when it came to teaming up, the Lynx OG model seemed most fitting as a collaboration. Seeing as how Lynx OG is one of DC’s most requested shoes, selling out time after time, its limited availability makes it ideal for In4mation’s persona. Navy suede pops in richness against white logo detailing, and yellow In4mation branding makes it way down the tongue of the shoe.

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