Surf & Street inspired artist Jack Soren's exhibit at the famed Nuuanu & Pauahi space Hawaii

A nice recap video of famed Street & Surf artist Jack Soren' exhibit at the Nuuanu & Pauahi space here in Chinatown Hawaii.

Shot and edited by Troy Pintarelli


Jack Soren is a 26-year-old wave-surfing, graffiti-spraying, mural-painting, Native Hawaiian artist, born, raised, and currently residing on the North Shore of the Hawaiian island of Oahu. As a child, Jack spent most of his time at the beach, his family possessing a deep-rooted connection to the ocean, and surfing in particular. As a teenager, he spent most of his time spray painting ditches, where he fell in love with artistry and the painted figure. Now, as an adult, Jack utilizes the lessons, techniques, and nuances of these two passions to create diverse, multifaceted works of art. Working primarily with paint and pigment on canvas, Jack has produced several solo exhibitions, as well as contributed works to numerous group and collective shows since 2016. Having developed an extremely applicable style, Jack’s work has also been commissioned for major branding and marketing campaigns by organizations like the Vans Triple Crown, and companies like Hawaiian Airlines. On a larger scale, Jack has become a prolific mural artist, having been commissioned to produce massive work for clients like The International Market Place and Bloomingdales. The grand scale and familiarity of painting on walls is what makes mural art the preferred application of Jack’s work. In pursuit of this preference - most notably, through institutions like Pow! Wow! and SprayseeLA - Jack has been a featured artist in mural festivals across the globe.

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