Always dope to be featured by Super street. Especially for an event at home. Check It 

Three years ago, Toyo Tires and Super Street collaborated on a contest to recognize up and coming automotive photographers. The finalist's submissions would be celebrated at a free public car meet and gallery, while the grand prize winner would have their photo printed as a spread in our magazine.

The first two competitions were huge successes and we discovered some amazing talent. For example, @photographybyv, who regularly shoots for the magazine today. As for the events, they went off with a huge bang as well, with hundreds of enthusiasts and photography fans coming out to support.

For '18, Toyo had plans to make Shutter Space bigger and better by adding some Hawaiian flavor to it. The winner of the photography competition wouldn't just get their photo printed in Super Street, but also be flown to Hawaii where the car meet and gallery would take place. Not a bad prize, right?!

With this year's theme being "Night Shots," we received over 300 quality submissions. To try and narrow the competition down to just one winner was challenging, but we'd like to tip our hats to Arizona-based John Bazay (@johnbazay) for taking home this year's grand prize. His epic photo of two GT-Rs at a shop—one inside while the other is being rained on outside—was truly unique and knocked us off our feet. John was flown out to Hawaii this month where his photo, along with the 19 other finalists, were put on display at streetwear flagship store in4mation in the Chinatown district of Honolulu. A first for Hawaii, the public streets outside the store were closed to invite local cars to be showcased for the event. It was a beautiful sight to see as the local community came out to congratulate John and also be a part of our annual Shutter Space.


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